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     Advertising with the Cube is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available anywhere. Drawing on countless hours of research and over sixty (60) years of combined entertainment industry experience, we have developed an easy to listen to radio station, which, along with our website, offers a dual-faceted approach (both audio and visual) that both maximizes exposure for advertisers while not running off listeners.
     The key to our unique advertising solution is to present the advertiser’s message in a way that keeps it fresh in the listener’s mind without a noticeable break in their listening experience.
     We accomplish this by replacing the long, boring, monotonous “spot sets” that you normally hear on terrestrial radio, with quick fully-produced hour sponsorship spots. Each sponsorship hour has four (4) ads, one (1) that runs every fifteen minutes starting at the beginning of each hour and running at :15, :30 and :45 minutes after the hour. These spots are fully-produced and are designed to blend in with the music for a seamless listening experience, while keeping the advertiser fresh on the listener’s mind.
     The second component of our dual-faceted marketing approach is visual advertising on our website. We have extensively studied all kinds of internet advertising, and have determined the best possible way to present ads that will not annoy visitors, but rather, actually solicit interaction. For example, it has been determined that visitors don’t like to see more than three ads on the landing or homepage of a site. That is why on our home page, you will only find one banner ad. Research has also found that site visitors will interact with advertisements that do not intrude on the site’s content. It further shows that visitors react negatively to ads that flash, blink or “hold a page hostage” requiring the visitor to press “x” or perform another action to proceed. This research is why we have strategically placed every ad in its position on our site. You will never find a flashing/blink or hostage type ad on our site.
     By utilizing our dual-faceted marketing approach, (using both on-air and visual components), you double your exposure.
     Since our signal is broadcast over the Internet, it simply is not phased by the eighty to ninety mile geographical limitations of terrestrial radio stations. Our 100% CD quality signal can be picked up, static-free anywhere there is a connection to the World Wide Web, and on any Internet enabled device.
     While demographics are an art and not a science, we can tell you this about our listeners. Since the Cube is an “All 80s” station, it would stand to reason that most of our listeners were in their teens or early twenties during the 1980s. That means that listeners that were teenagers in 1980 would be in their mid-fifties today. If you open that age up to ten (10) years either way you have an age range from the mid-forties to the mid-sixties. Since we play a wide variety of tunes from the 1980s, our station is appealing to both male and female listeners. So, putting it in easy to understand language, the demographic we serve is male and female with an age range from the mid-forties to the mid-sixties. So why not put the Cube to work for your business today?